Paintings from previous eras...


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Mourning Has Broken 2010

“The longest night has passed…dark is dissolving into light. There is no such thing as time. Life occurs, we exist, in the present moment.

One heartbeat at a time…”


Passion 2010

"The magic of the unknown. The adventure of it all. Riding the waves of the present. Watching life unfold . Doing my best to stay curious as it occurs. Another image appearing before my eyes."  

Ancient Sunbird 2010

"Choosing colors, rich gold, chocolate brown, feeling the influence of the music.  Image arriving without thought, without my opinion, uncensored. I see an eagle."

It's a New Day  2009  

“Jubilation despite circumstances. Despite outside influences, despite what “they” say. Jubilation despite health issues. Jubilation while I wait. Jubilation just because I can.  Jubilation as a choice. Self generated jubilation.  Jubilation simply by being here now. Nothing else even exists.  Truly…there is nothing, except this very moment.”

Winter Solstice 2009

“This, the longest night…aware of the intense ache of love. A desire, a longing, to soak up the essence of another. To absorb enough that they are never lost. To hold them and never let them go. The deep ache of being a human willing to love full out…knowing the inevitable loss that comes in life.  How do we survive this love?

Summer Seduction  2010

“We’ve been waiting, longing for...the heat. Balmy breezes, the sweet, musky bouquet in the air. Bare feet, bare shoulders. Sensuous. The cool down at sunset. Kissing our skin. Awakening our senses. Soothing our soul.”  

Tulip Trance 2010

"Bound up in thought, in worry.  What is real? What is habit? Trapped in my mind. No pleasure here. I need to get out of the way. I need this music to sweep me off my feet." 

Birth of a Star  2009  

“Be bathed in the light. Be humbled by the miracle of life. Gaze in awe. Honor the divinity. Be Star Struck. Unabashed adoration and love…Child borne unto you”

The Mystic & the Mermaid 2009

"Essence of mermaid, essence of mystic.  Where do they live? Between thoughts, between pulses, in the mist.  Fireworks, the final kiss of whimsy.  In witness and honor of a sacred union.  July 4, 2009.  

Into the Light  2008  

“Pale yellow canvas. Cloud like. Sitting with the third rendition of a spirit or an angel. I am struck by its sweetness, its childlike quality.”  In memory of AlVee.

Birth of HerSelf 2008

"I declare the rest of my life to be my calling. I will not wait another moment. May every choice, every conversation, every breath be done with awareness. This is my devotion."  

Nebula  2008  

“Highlighting, adding stars, adding dimension to the painting.  As I travel each area, I fall in love. Each part of the image, unique. Separate, yet part of the whole.  Having never existed before, appearing on the canvas.”


Sisters  2007  

“Here I am, canvas chosen, longing for a painting for my sister…my partner in healing and  truth. Unconditional love, freedom, and expression.  Now, I trust, and wait.”

Divine Eyes  2007

"This woman, seeking a reflection. Looking to see who she is.  Yearning for a glimpse of her soul.  It’s time for me to see me."

Leap of Faith  2006

"Do I dare live on the pathless path? Do I dare, take the leap from all that I know, all that I believe, all I've been taught... the shoulds, worry, self doubt, leave it behind? It's solid ground. Do I dare say ‘yes’ to the unknown?"

Spirit Guides  2006  

“May I be inspired by the many dimensions of my existence.  I long for the painting pulse. The rush, the pleasure of what wants to come forth. Inform me. Who wants to be seen?”