Nurture your creative expression!

Small groups, one-on-one, writing, or painting with music and movement.

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Upcoming Gatherings

Calendar coming soon! 

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Dragons to Angels 

Since the days of teenage sleepovers, cocooned, whispering until the magical dawn, I have craved brave, honest conversations to nourish, connect and inform.  Invite your truth whether it be loud, fierce and fire-breathing or innocent, quiet with wings.  Each circle has a theme with explorations, combined with the power of witness, creating a unique tapestry of wisdom and insight.

Horse Medicine

Prepare to be smitten, sharing space with my equine companions! Relax into your deepest longings. Dare to remember dreams never spoken and surrender to horse medicine. Bring your writing, sketching, stitchery, or even paint en plein-air.  Follow your intuition into the pasture.  Sit. Breathe in the country view. Turn toward your creative endeavor and release any agenda or expectation.  Horse spirit can inform our passionate desires and appetite for freedom. Running wild, it can also represent parts of us, or emotions, that are hard to manage and are “running us”.  

Dakota & Contessa

Dakota & Contessa


Ecstatic Expression Painting Experience

Come, bring your mystical, magical, playful Self.  Spend an evening in devotion to letting go, pleasure and wonder.  Be surprised by a more fluid version of You.  Open to your inner dimensions with music, movement, and, then, ‘from within’ painting. It’s about you, being with You. Nonstop music creates the pulse, dimmed lighting removes mind chatter. Freedom and fun…no rules, no pressure, no judgment. Bring a journal or small notebook and pen. Refreshments, paint, two large canvases included.   

Soul Reflections

A personal, expressive portrait on canvas. Your spirit evoked through meeting One-on-One. I have experienced spontaneous images arising from the stories and essence of others. Those I’ve known and loved, and those I became aware of, heard about, and ‘knew’ from afar. Inspired by joyous occasions, healing events and expression of grief or longings.  Allow me to capture a reflection of you.




Devoted Listening

Private sessions. Clarity through the grace of your authentic expression.  Explore a transition, manifest your dream life, or awaken your muse.  Remember things you know to be true. We can meet in my studio next to the fire, on the deck, or chat remotely.