Sharing a Vision (with audio)

When my dear friend, Jackie, asked if I wanted to make vision boards together during a visit, I said yes. A perfect idea, on my birthday!  It seemed strange to tell her that I’d never created one before. I know it’s an annual ritual for many women.  My understanding about how it would unfold was that I would ‘look’ for images and words that depicted thoughts, ideas and desires I already had about the future.  It didn’t take long as we rummaged through the stack of magazines she’d found for us, feverishly snipping the words and images that called out, to realize that the way a vision board works is that The Vision comes to you! Sadly, our time together ended before we could finish our artistry.  

Blog image vision board 2019 crop .jpg

             Round two, I spent in the studio, exploring the thick stack of glossy clippings, thoughtfully selecting and arranging for hours, but it didn’t quite fall into place.  The board laid on the end of my counter, a work in progress, a puzzle missing some pieces, for weeks.  I would pause, admire, and move things that hadn’t been glued down.  There were dozens of phrases and words in two columns outside the partially assembled collage.  All hand selected, how would I decide?   I realized at some point during the process that it really mattered that I finish the image.  If not, it would leave a gap on my path.  It was a large, meaningful, touchstone that I dare not skip over.

              Today, I again sat down, savoring all of the words I’d collected and filled in all the white space. Many became phrases. Some expected, some unique, some cloaked sentiments.  A visual prayer.  A playful depiction.  Like a colorful, rich quilt, covering much territory of a human, being.   A gift from dozens of talented people and Jackie. I hope you find it inspiring and borrow a few blessings for yourSelf!