In the Goo

Just make a decision

And then make it the right one

Conviction emerges from where we reside

On the inside

What’s in my way?

What’s in my why?

Or why not?

I have unearthed many answers

From this place, over time…

The illusion that there is an ‘other’

In opposition of my heart

That I’m oppressed, co-dependent

Or depressed,



Simply put, I’m just not enough

Even though, I’ve been told


But, really, what can I do?

Who do I think I am?

Shame from the beginning of time


And yet

(This is a clue)

It’s no secret to me

I’ve known a long time

I’ve been preparing

For some




In my time of solitude

Integrating, digesting


Facing mySelf

Opening to new truths

Seeking to be tenderized

By the Divine

Practicing intimacy

Daring exposure

Here, with my words…


‘In the goo’ ** she calls it

To be celebrated, not resisted

An integral step of transformation

In the life of a Monarch

The image of a chrysalis

Blog image chrysalis.jpg

One of my favorites


Dissolving, liquifying

Rearranging, transforming

Until, at last

Emerging from the remaining thin film of restriction

Allowing its rebirth

And the unfurling of magnificent wings


** Devorah Spilman, "In the Goo" webinar