A Fork on the Trail

Turn left into the woods

Or take the longer path along the lake?

It’s so hot

But it's supposed to  rain tomorrow

And, I skimped yesterday

Think of the calories I'll burn

I have my cardio-vascular health to maintain

Obvious decision

To me

In the mid-day sun

It doesn’t take long

A brisk pace becomes a trudge

The weight of every step

More than a vague sense

Self-discipline has gone awry

No pleasure here

Nature’s grand show, nowhere in sight

This is not the what-I-really-need path

I stop and turn

Already have gone so far, invested so much

But there’s always time, to change my mind

To backtrack just far enough

Follow the sweet melody of spirit

To take the light-hearted loop

With less resistance

More satisfaction

Strewn with laughter, love and joy

To shower mySelf with grace

And deem mySelf enough