Did I Get Old?

When did I get old?

It must have happened while I slept

I feel the same

But a new face has appeared

After all this time

There is some shock in it all

I know I’m not alone

Years of surviving

Decades of striving

The eras of life charged by

Like a herd of wild mustangs

Exuberant, self-driven with desire and passion

The periphery a blur

Time was passing

At a rapid rate

I didn’t get the memo

Slow down


Enjoy this time around


Who knew

Days felt long

Years like eternities

When I was young

Now, barely remembered

Was I even there?

The seeming endless journey to 18

Independence came

It was lonely

Exiting the familial nest

Awaiting my ‘other’

First date to wedding bells

Honeymoon to infants’ first gaze

Earthshaking love

Took us to our knees

Preschool to sovereignty

Our children left our nest

All in less than a heartbeat


Career driven

Just plain driven

No stone left unturned

Willing to do whatever it took

Whatever they said

I signed up

The pragmatic coaches

The healers, the mystics

I worked it

To succeed

To ‘Become’


Suddenly, it seems, I’m old

But wait!

This is not a sad tale

Indulgence in grieving

Is over-rated

It’s quite possible

A long chapter lies ahead

Rich, savory


Filled with adventure, love

Worth praying for

To be lived


Of my own volition

To be authored

From naked truth

At a slower pace


Wrapped in the comfort of maturity