Take The Week

Nearly out the door for my hike

Stopped in my tracks

Go back upstairs

Cultivate that impulse

You had a vision

A week alone


A week to dream

A week to meander the neglected crevices of your soul

Follow your whims


Campfire at Studio Sept 26 2017.jpg

Make popcorn for dinner

With butter

Seek pleasure and joy



Sit, amidst the glowing lights of summertime

In the fields, in the sky

Allow whatever wants to emerge

Prairie July 17 18.jpg


A week to follow yourSelf around

It’s over due,

You know


Much like twenty years ago

During summer soccer camp

That outrageous decision you made

Taking every morning off for an entire week

Indulging yourSelf

Mug of coffee and journal in hand

Fluid expression, five days in a row

A vision of a retreat house appeared

My beloved cabin, bittersweet memories...

My beloved cabin, bittersweet memories...

For women

To gather, to explore, to heal

Some, like yourself, starving

For solitude

For long drinks of their own divinity

For clarity, for direction

Remember, the cabin happened

The women came

It changed your life

Your future is calling

Take the week