The Music Man

Uneasiness, as I wait for the results of a biopsy, the tiniest red spot on my nose, the C word hanging in the air…

Doing what I do

Being prepared

Thinking ahead

Cooler filled with ice

Dashing into Willy Coop  

Quick stop for produce

Past the musician playing his  Xylophone


"I’ve seen him before"

Fresh greens, some berries, coffee, milk…

And  get some cash for the music man


Been keeping it together

Future unknown

Heading to the clinic

For a biopsy

On my nose

The tiniest little red spot

Had made itself known


Emerging from the store

Greeted by layered, melodic tones

I drop the bills in his bowl

Smiling eyes meet mine

A  curious sense of recognition

Envelops me

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

The same arrangement he’d been playing the first time I’d seen him here

It’s as if he knows


It was a sacred union nearly nine years ago

The Mystic and the Mermaid

A couple mesmerized in love

As was I

This enchanting melody had floated in the breeze that summer day

Cloaking us

in mystery

Sweeping us off our feet

As we witnessed their vows of devotion

The memory returning

A gift

To remind me

Believe in magic


I paused to listen, to let it in

My tightly held body flooded with love

I surrendered, was transported

Barely able to comprehend

I stood

The music, soothing my soul

There, on the sidewalk

Daring to be seen

Blessed tears streaming down my face

My heart bursting with gratitude and relief

As I heard the words

A reply for an unspoken prayer

"You’re going to be ok...

Either way"