Where is my intuition leading me?  What is my inner voice whispering…that I only need to pause and listen to hear?  That blissful flow of creativity, taking me to new unimaginable places…I remember You… 


Quiet voice

Emerging from stillness

Elusive, demure

The faintest smile sweeping through

Telling me

"You already know"

Slow down, stop the chatter

I’m right here

The monks

Remember what you learned about the monks

Goosebumps crept across your skin

The very idea

Organizing life around times of prayer

Start there...

Indian Lake Spring path May 2018.jpg


Surrender, trust, return to Love

Over and over

These, as you call them, ideas

Are your intuition

Are guidance

Are divine

Be gentle with yourself

Rest assured

Just beyond that moment of hesitation

Lie your Truths