Love Ourselves, Love Others

I long to write something , cover a canvas, from an inspired place, to fall in love with. I long to fall in love with mySelf…and know her to be true.


The deep desire

To know oneself

Beneath the skin

Behind the beating heart

Finding pleasure

Traversing the meanderings of our mind

The whims, the stories

The smiles, the tears

May we embrace all the cracks and crevices

And begin to know our unique beauty

May we recognize that beauty

In the faces we meet

Just the way they are

The impatient, the angry, the suffering

The contemplative, the earnest, the innocent

The delighted, filled with laughter and love

May we be a witness

For Ourselves

For Others

Be a mirror of truth

Help each other remember who we really are

Offering reassurance, a smile

The gift of validation

We are one soul with many faces

Each with demons to duel

Loss to endure

Fear to face

Courage to discover

Each of us with burning desires


Adventure to pursue

Hope to embrace

Gifts to give

Lights to shine