The Promise

Life is an initiation.  Others know not your path.  Only you can see your truth. From the inside. Slow down. Take the actions you need.  Believe.  Ask. Clarity can be yours. Celebrate each day. Cleanse the body, cleanse the soul.  Listen for the voice of wisdom…


When something moves you deeply

Pause, listen

An initiation is underway…

Rumblings from the depths

A voice to be felt more than heard

I have something to say

No longer hidden

No longer cloaked in ‘who am I to say’?

It’s not boastful

Have no fear

Words from the heart are welcome

Our time together is sacred

Our circle begins

Altar 5.11.18.jpg

“I’m here…I’m in”

The vessel is formed

Lay it all on the altar

Worries, challenges,

Triumphs, unfinished business

To be heard

To be held

To be reflected back to you

With nuggets of shimmering light

Aspects of yourSelf

You had not noticed

For your consideration

For your pleasure

To embrace

To empower

Your promises

To yourself, to others, to all that is

The intentions

Become one

Swirling, spiraling

A communion

A mighty force

A promise to love

Taken into the world

Until we meet again