Owl Medicine


Here I am, having passed through another night’s portal into a new day. Sitting here in silence. Having written enough to put the past in the past.  Allowing my voice to circle around me now, looking forward into future. I feel weary from the last few days, perhaps the last hundred years. The frantic pace. The impossible plan to control the ‘outer’ to ensure my future. In this moment, I need something else. I need to be reminded of my greater intentions, to speak from them, all else will fall into place.

Owl Medicine, March 30 2017.jpg

This blustery morning

May the wind clear my mind

Bring tears to clear my sight

Open my heart

Help me remember…


I’m in that place again

The ache is here

The addiction to suffering

My lifelong quest to keep my eye on it

In others




Owl Medicine:

"It’s not useful,

Being the body for other’s suffering

Be the witness, but not the body

Stay true to your light

Cross the threshold of each moon

Clear in your intent

Dance the dream

Awaken in gratitude

Thank God, the divine, your guides

Trust your journey

Clarity will become your habit

Your heart will be full

You will know all is well

Relaxing in the lap of Love

This is my offering"


The thrill of this wisdom

Dancing in de-light


Landing on my feet

A dream

Come true

Letting it in

Opening, expanding


Desperate Ego

Mere moments pass

Powerful Mind

Begins chipping away


Pileated Woodpecker,

Tenacious, relentless


"Cling to that which you know

Dare not turn away

Heed my warning

You are alive, after all"


No longer asleep


Allow the words of truth

To penetrate my soul

Again and again

I now hear the desperation in this pleading call

As the mirror turns

Ageless suffering

Fear, panic


I see this voice is not mine.


The veil has been lifted

Patterns of erosion always a choice

Now fully exposed

The words are here

In front of me

An infusion of eternal truth

Forever changed

If I say so


If I agree

Trust and clarity

Will light the way