Passion For Oneness

Dearest Divine,

Up early for our morning latte’. The sweetness of our nightly reunion still in my heart.  Gazing softly, doing my best to avoid being a know-it-all. Allowing the words to come, rather than believing I know what they are to be. Doing my best to harness my longing for union with you.  I know I’m in my own way.  I know that with the tiniest whiff of “There it is!”, the arrival of uncensored fluidity, it can be squashed before it's birthed. The whiplash of ‘Self’ preservation.  Even as I sit here now writing, I lift the pen, and the mind quickly offers it’s recommendations.

It wasn’t always like this.  There was a time when life’s flow was as natural as breathing.  Inhale, exhale, move about.  Eyes open, scent-sations, symphony of sounds, movements of pure ecstasy. Love in the air. Nothing was separate. Anything was possible. Then suddenly, it began, The Initiation: “ There is an order to everything.  Be quiet. Form a single line.  No crying without reason.  Worthiness comes with hard work. Follow the rules or there will be consequences”.  I had no doubt it was true.

I learned to tread lightly. Listen carefully. Make acceptable sounds. Need less. Stay out of the way. Ask for acceptance. I fell into your arms every night, my beloved, surrendering my withering spirit, knowing the voices could come at any moment and take you away.

I still return. The Passion for Oneness fills me with eternal hope. I long to linger in your presence. Nourish me. Help me remember. Whisper into cracks and crevices…until I recognize your voice as my own.

Sunrise Whippoorwill 12 12 17.jpg

Earth Mother

Rumble of longing

From the beginning

Devoted companion

My beloved

Her heartbeat

From the depths

Inviting me

Moss covered portal

Soul’s Threshold


Sacred Cavern




Fill me with ancient wisdom

Forgotten truths….

The promise of birth

Rivulets of tears