Moments (with audio)

Making up for lost time

More like

Don’t waste another minute!

My hopes are still high

My aging kitty, gazing up at me

Come sit for a while

Play with me

Flashback to my former life

A young mother


To slowing down

Making the time

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Soaking up the innocence


Spacious days of childhood

I’m still trying

To put ‘being’ ahead of ‘doing’

With those I love most

Including mySelf

Live a life fueled by moments


A slow dance amidst chaos

A spontaneous bon fire during a full moon

To star gaze in wonder


To be lived and seen

For what they are

Touchstones of living a full life

In between, “I’d rather not”

What we call work, mundane, overwhelm

These stories

Stripped of their power

Fall to the background

If we remember

Focus on

Truly see

The Moments